Jun 5, 2015

Long Break

It's funny how change can have a trigger where it's instant and other times it's a slow process.  Think my current break from music is a combination, but more of the slower kind.  My kids are at the age where I am spending alot of my time running them to soccer, dance, basketball, track....etc.  I had the greatest experiences in the past ten years, recording, traveling and performing.  Music is still important to me but I know this time in my life is best spent with my growing kids.  In a couple years they won't need me as much and I know my songs will be there waiting for me.  I am still writing, but nothing has really inspired me to head into the studio.  I know a good song can wait to be recorded and I'll start building a good foundation for an album.  Maybe some time to breath will be a good thing or maybe the rust will show; we'll have to see.